Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 years. Has it been that long?

10 years. Has it been that long?

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It's the ten year anniversary of a lot of things in my life. A little more than 12 since I came to my new station. 10 years since the VOLS did anything (National Championship). And ten years (a little more, I guess) than the road I am on was taken.

Has it been that long? The easiest way to gauge time, is to look at a movie date. Such and such movie came out X years ago. Was it that that long ago? Then you think back. That movie came out, and I was where, doing what. Time has a funny way of picking up speed, once it passes you. We live in a day to day world. Sometimes hour to hour, or even minute to minute at times. And, when we look back, with that all-seeing crystal ball, it surprizes me, what I see. I guess I am at the 1/3 part of things. Maybe entering into the 1/4th. Not sure what that future brings. I know that I have 5 more working years in me, in the Fire Department, before they give me a photocopy of a picture of a gold watch, a pat on the back, and directions to the gate. Another 4 and my house, well home that I live in, will be paid off.

Ten years ago, we were under the thumb of the Democrats, with the Rapist-In-Chief, and the ex-First-Yenta, running the country into the ground. I hope and pray that we have only 4 more years of that nightmare before us. I doubt I could stomach 8, and the country will not survive that long.

Ten years ago, I was not speaking to my brother. And I hardly knew my sister and my other brother. A bunch of my uncles and aunts were still alive. And my mother, Vance, Inez, Flancher, Warner, Ailene, Billy Joe were all still with me. Though I had lost my father and grandmother about a year prior to that. My grandfather was still alive - spry, kicking, and raising hell. The aunts and uncles on my mothers side had not back-stabbed me yet.

I still have my old 5 speed Ranger, which I miss terribly. Until the clown on his cell phone ran into the car behind me, which hit me and threw me, and the Ranger into Interstate traffic, where I was hit by a 18 wheeler. The 18 wheeler won.

Ten years ago, Vista was not even a wet spot in Bill Gates pants. My computer ran like a charm. GAWD DAMN Bill Gates to Hell, for Vista.

Ten years ago, I was in the first stages of finding out that GAWD hears your prayers, and He heres your curses. And He is aware when you shake your fist at the sky. And he can take things away from you. Things that you wish you had back.

Ten years ago, the birch tree in the front year had not played havoc with the house yet.

Ten years ago, Beaner was still with us, and I revelled in the 147.400 Beaner 'Repeater'. And Earline still laughed at us, when we whisper talked to Beaner about taking him out to eat stuff he was not allowed to eat according to his doctor. My 3 dozen strong of close radio friends, still held court on a daily basis.

Ten years ago, I was angry. In the midst of a whirlwind of strife, that I could not comprehend. And about to lose my job over it.

Ten years ago, I still wore button down, with badge, uniforms at work. Sweating my ass off in the summertime. Ten years ago, I caught my boss in a bald-faced lie, and it has taken me 10+ years, to get past that.

Ten years ago, I took my second 2 of two major falls off of the Fire Trucks. Sealing my fate, in so much, and destroying my back.

Ten years ago, Jerry and Jessie ruled my house.

Ten years ago, Frank and his family were still good friends with me. Before I caught one of their kids stealing from me. It was the end of the BBS days as I knew them.

Ten years ago, I still had a head full of hair, as I still do today. But the grey in it was a long time coming. Crows feet, wrinkles, and Mean ol Mr. Gravity did not have a solid hold on me yet. Mr. Flab had a decent grip on me though.

Had it been that long? Has ten years passed so quickly, that in retrospect, it seems like a faded memory?

I guess it has. I am looking forward to the next ten years. Maybe I can find the piece of mind I am looking for. And the wisdom and the clarity of thought, to put it to good use.

We will see...

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