Sunday, July 10, 2011

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Current mood:pensive

Getting worried. I have a little over a week before I need to go back to work, and I still do not feel up to it. Though I am starting to put some things together, in regards to when and what causes the pain I am having.

Over doing it, has a lot to do with things. The trip to the attic was a time of insanity for me. Had I just stood there and let my friends bust their asses, instead of my trying to get involved, things might be different. Ah, to learn a lesson the hard way.

Tomorrow is the day that another era comes to an end. This time, thru pure incompetence and mismanagement. I must be a carrier though. I keep having stations closed out from underneath me.

Speaking of work, I got a call from the investigator, who was trying to close the barn door well after the cow had wandered out. I got a call a week after I went out for surgery, asking me if I knew where some items that had turned up missing at work, were at. Nope, I explained. I have been home and as I have cleared my stuff out of the station, I have had no reason to come back (and being cut to pieces, I could not suffer myself to make the trip in my truck in the first place).

I had to laugh out loud at this news. The theft I suffered was, lets see if I can get this quote exact, was buried: "there is no interest in this investigation leaving this office'. So, they want me to be concerned about their losses, when they were actively ignoring mine? I've workeded since I was 15 years old. I've been in the job I have now, for almost 30 years, and in all of that time, be it total time working, or time in the FD, I cannot recall ever hearing anything so idiotic as the one made to 3 of us, telling me that the investigation of my loss was being swept under the rug.

Everyone knows who the thief is. GAWD DAMN, he was seen with some of my stuff. Yet, since, from all appearances, being a motor cycle riding buddy of one of the supervisors, it seems that he is being protected. And I just got thrown under the bus.

When I got the call from the investigator some weeks later, I had to laugh. Though I did not mention a name, I was surprized when he told me that 4 other people *had* named his name.

Last week, I went back to the station to have dinner with the guys. The station was closing in a couple of days and it would be the last time we had to get together. Imagine my surprize, when I am told that more stuff had been stolen.

At this point, I must have Stockholm Syndrome. Since my bosses think it is OK to steal from me, I know now, that it is OK to steal from them. Hell, I am rooting for the 'bad guys' here. I hope that they come in one day and find the engine up on blocks, with the rims and wheels gone.

I am embittered. It shows. As I said earlier, I cannot recall anyone ever telling me something so stupid, in my entire work life. It took all respect I had out of me, for 3 of the supervisors at work. I'll never look them in the eyes without knowing that they are incompetent, and culpable in the protection of a thief. And, I never would have guessed that would happen in my life.

Better times: had lunch with Guns the other day. Have not seen her in quite some time. We tried to play catch up in less than an hour, but I think that I turned into Jaws, and never stopped talking.

My sister and BIL are coming in from Tennessee this weekend, and I am looking forward to a week with them. Being out for recovery has one advantage; I'll be free to spend time with them.

I guess I need to count my blessings. All in all, aside from motrin manageable pain, I am healing up nicely. Slower than I expected. But I am healing. My family is doing well. I can't complain, I guess.

Just keeping in practice.

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