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Our finest generation

Our finest Generation - Aug 5, 2010

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I managed to get in a couple of shows at the VABFB and the RVAFB over the last couple of weeks. Shows I had planned on attending before my retirement. Still have one or two more, but those are not for a couple of weeks.

Saw DL Hughley, a comedian from Portsmouth, who had a TV show for years. Funny guy, who changed his act due to the Mel Gibsom "pack of niggers" line.

I support the comedians who are on Opie and Anthony. DLH has been on the show many times, so I ws not going to miss the chance to say hello, get a WOW sticker signed, and to show my support.

Jim Breuer came to the VABFB store front a week or so ago.

He is just plain exhausting to watch. Frenetic and frantic on stage, he slipped in and out of voices and impression, like one takes breaths of air.

One of his bit was about taking his aged father someplace in the car, and he has an accident in the car. He crapped himself. In passing he mentioned that his pop was a WWII vet who had fought in the pacific.

I won't lie. Those vets are passing out of our lives at an alarming rate. In their 80's time is just catching up to them.

When I met him after the show, I was my usual tongue tied self. Said hello. Thanked him for coming to see us. Signed stickers and a DVD I bought. But no mention of his pop.

After I got home I kicked myself in the ass. How had I done that? I was going to stand up and cheer, but was not sure how the club would react if I stood up, to show my respect for his pop. Iwould have disrupted the show, and not being one that likes to speak in public, it would have been messy had I done so.

I wrote him on Facebook and told him this, and asked him to tell his pop Thank You for his servic to our country. Kids today, as I, do not have any idea what it is like to be a combat vet. especially in those times. Brutality, does not even come close to describe the conditions they went thru. Fighting an enemy that was fanatical in their beliefs.

To my surprize, he wrote me back. I was not expecting that. We exchangted a couple of notes back and forth, and that was that.

Its a crying shame the leadership in this country does not realize what these men and women went thru, so that we could sit here, in relative safety and twitter each other to death.

In a couple of weeks the Pacific set will be released. I watched and I plan on buying it. Though it does not have the character attachemnt of Band of Brothers, it is, as best as I can tell, a reasonably accurate look at the horrors these men of our finest Generation went thru.

Mr Breuer. I salute you. Thank you for your service. You will be remembered. At least by me.

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