Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running out of My_____..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Running out of My_____..

I only know of one other person who is still on My_____. I am not even sure Tom is anymore. The plans for the Fire Sale got leaked last week, and it made me start to think. I gave up on My______ a long time ago, heading, like everyone else, to the security breach that is Facebook.

But, in its day, My_____ served its own purpose for me. I blogged. Inane rambling, rants, prayers and dreams, about everything from soup to nuts. Friends. Enemies. Work. Politics. Love. Hate. Stupidity. Observations. Foolishness.

Just for the hell of it, and before they pull the plug, I am going to post some of those blogs here. I could care less if you read them. Its for my own purposes. They won't be in any particular order. Or of any particular subject. if I edit them, to match changes for today, you'll know. I'll date them as to the day they were first posted.

Just putting some things away, before they pull the plug. Oh. If you offended. Oh well...

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