Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shooting Trifecta's in a barrel...

Shooting Trifecta's in a barrel...

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I suppose I could be charged with retard cruelty. Or something like that. Our rookie is broke as a church mouse. And does not have cable TV, so he has taken to coming into the station on the Tuesday's he is off and watching Rescue Me, with the opposing shift.

Which is the station and shift that one of our Trifecta of Retards works on. And, with his whoever it is complex, he apparently thinks that he can run the kid off. Make him unwelcome in his own station.

This is not sitting well with me at all. Not at all. he's MY rookie, and if anyone is going to make him uncomfortable, it'll be me. But, moreso, I have been instilling in my kids that the Fire Department is tradition, and it is family, and it is brotherhood. Something that the Trifecta cannot wrap his closed mind around.

So, tonight me and the XYL, took the Rookie to Busch Gardens. We just walked around, and took in the sights. When we left, we went to 5 Guys - sent off the appropriate pictures to aggravate the guys who could not be there - and then the Research and Development side of me, kicked in.

I retired from Operations a while back. I no longer do the gags at the Fire Station. I am the guy who thinks them up, and then I send my trainees off to do them for me.

I turned to the kid and told him to call the station, ask them if they minded if he came in later to watch a movie on HBO. Stop. End of sentence.

But, that end of sentence, sent the Trifecta into orbit. I knew that the guys on duty would tell the moron of the call. Baiting the hook. He would set it himself. But the bait did have to be dangled in front of him.

Part two of the goof. I then had the rookie call to another guy, have him call the station and leave word that his phone was acting up and if they would have the rookie call him when he got in. Hook set.

Calls and text's to the guys at the station confirmed my suspicions, that the Trifecta is on orbit.

You did catch that no one is coming by the station, correct? That this moron, who has no idea about family and brotherhood, has self winded like a cheap watch?

Oh, I'll hear about it in the morning. It'll take all I can muster to not laugh out loud, when the story starts to unfold in front of me.

2 little phone calls.

And, that's how you shoot Trifecta's in a barrel...

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