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I have a host of friends

I have a host of friends Oct 31, 2009

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Understand that I am apprehensive about all of this. In a year of the world's gone mad, tonight I have a chance to see a little sanity in it. Ususally, plans go as they are made. But, I rarely mke them, so it is not that big an issue in my life. I know better. When I send the money each fall and spring for the races the next season, I just know that a rain cloud starts to form and slowly heads this way. Timing itself to arrive the morning of the race.

Little did I know that the cloud was coming in costume, disguised as a piece of asphalt. Nor did I realize that I had broken my own rule, in making plans for tonight.

Earlier this summer I got a hint that Brian Wilson was coming to town, on Halloween, of all days. Icalled a bunch of friends up and we made plans to get tickets. My *plans* got put on hold due to the changes at work, and with that I waited too long to get tickets. Ever know that feeling one gets inside where you are just numb? Thats the way I felt when I came to the realization that the one and only chance I was ever going to have to see him (aside from 25 odd years ago, when he was on tour with the Beach Boys - before they imploded) live. He had came to DC once or twice, but those shows were out of my reach. I resolved myself to having my Halloween party, bought candy, invited everyone, same old thing.

I got a message on Facebook from one of our friends, asking how I was doing with surgery and in general. I wrote back, said this and that, and that i was having a party this year. What? Not going to see Brian? I explained that I was backed into a corner by the morons at work, and with that I did not get tickets. Hit enter, and went about my day.

The phone rang that evening. My dear friends, CQ and Dock were giving me their tickets to see Brian. They know how much it meant to me and they gave of themselves. I was overwhelmed. Friends thought enough of me to give me something they should never have parted with.

I canciled the plans for the party. Returned the candy and started counting the days.

Plans. I forgot about making plans. This past Sunday, M fell and broke her wrist. We have had a time of it. With the surgery being late Thursday, I was not that hopeful that she would be in shape enough to go. And after the night we had Thursday, when we got home, I knew my plans were going to wash away with the tide.

So, here it is Saturday morning. She pronounced she does not feel up to going. She feels pretty good, she tells me. She is getting movement and sensation back, and so far, has only taken motrin for pain. But not good enough to endure a car ride, and the time up on her feet.

I sit here, the tickets within eye sight of me. I called CQ, telling her I was going to drive back to VA Beach an give her the tickets back. She did not want them, and asked if I had oany other options. I did not feel right leaving her at the house, unattended, for 6 hours or so. I'd never forgive myself, and I would never hear the end of it.

She called her mother, who, while going to a short event, has agreed to drop in and spend the time I m away with her, so she is not unattneded (aside for about 2 hours), so, for some reason. For some strange alignment of the planets. For some reason I got a smile, instead of indifference thrown in my direction from GAWD. I am going to get to go.

I called our best friend and he wants to go (Guess the Ghost missed out on this one). My ass will probably burn in the seat the entire time I am there. But, for a couple of hours, the weight of this awful year, will be off of my shoulders. A dream I have had for countless years (since Brian started to tour and perform on his own again - thanks Melinda!!!!!) to get the oppertunity to bask in the sunshine, and be washed over with the memories of summers past. While Brian, and his wonderful band (Brian once said that this band plays the Beach Boys material better than they did) sing right to me. Love and Mercy!

I have a host of friends. Some closer than others. But, it is always a a pleasant surprize when they unexpectedly tap me on the shoulder, and offer me "a mess of help to stand on my own".

Bless you CQ. Bless you Dock. And bless you mom, for giving your time and love to us. I am truely a blessed man. And if I was sitting home tonight on the porch, shooing the trick or treaters away (we have no candy, and no help since the 'haunted house' is not set up on the porch this year - only 3 times in the last 20 or so), while those tickets gather dust on my shelf, I would still say that.

Tonioght, I Sail on, Sail on, Sailor...!

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