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Chex Missed

Chex Missed - Nov 22, 2009

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I find myself on vacation today. I am not the accidental tourist, by any stretch of the imagination. I, as Fred Cratchett said, am behind my time.

Dodging various doctor appointments, and the like has riddled my calendar with holes, that just cannot be worked around. By this time, I have bag upon bag of my Chex Mix made by now. The recipe changes every year. By this time, under normal circumstances I have mix made, measured, and ready to give out. About 100 frn's of tradition of mine, that I could not stop if I wanted to. And me, I keep one bag of it here, for the house, and give the other dozen or so of them away.

I simplified things:

1/2 box of each of the three chex cereals. (This year I am experimenting with the cinnamon/apple type)
1 bag of pretzels (sticks or minis)
2 box cheez-its
2 jars of dry roasted or honey roasted peanuts
1 bag of pretzel goldfish (optional)
1 bag of mini bagels (optional)
3 lg spoonfuls of seasoning salt (into melted butter)
dash of onion powder, garlic powder, paparica, Mrs Dash Lemon pepper seasoning

2 sticks of butter, cut up and melted. Put dry items in, with 2 cups of french's Worcestershire sauce. mix thoroughly.

Pour dry ingredients into _unscented_ tall kitchen bag, mix. pour in liquid, mix thoroughly.

Pour onto baking sheets (I use those disposable aluminum pans that you can get from Wally-World now), spreading evenly. back for 15 min (x 4) in a 250 oven. Turn with spoon, every 15 min. on last turn, sprinkle, to taste Worcestershire sauce onto the top of the mix, and finish baking.

Place on roll paper towels to cool. Measure into 1 gallon zip lock bags.

That's about a batch. Normally I make 4 batches a year (do the math) but this year, will only be doing 2, to start with. Maybe 2 more later on. I just have to find the time to do it. Which I do not have right now.

Vacation. Did I miss something, or am I supposed to be having fun right about now?


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