Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freedom of In-Sanity as we know it....

Freedom of In-Sanity as we know it....

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Been killing the day, playing Domestic Goddess. Clothes. Running the vacumn (funny how a joke about any man worth his salt would have given a woman a vacumn already, went over like a lead baloon. But I digress...). Unpacking. Tooling around on Myspace and Facebook. Listening to the XM radio. Just unwinding..

I think I have went down this path before. Hundreds of time, with dullard managers at various work places. Idealistic emptyheaded fools who fight Quixotic politically. Camp followers. The trendy. The too hip for the room. The stupid and the plain retarded.

I've changed so much over the years. As a teenager growing up in the 60's, I started out as a liberal. I bought into all of that flower power crap. It drove my parents to distraction. I eventually came to my senses, and slowly turned to a more conservative slant. And now, I change again, taking on a more libertarian point of view.

I've also changed into really understanding that every action should have a reaction. In so much, as stupid is, as stupid does, as an example, if one really thinks that one should be allowed to ride a motorcycle without a helmet - so be it. However, if one cracks their head open like a melon, it is reasonable for you to be responsible for that action, and if the life insurance policy you have denies the claim, well, you knew better. That ones gonna be a tough one. Too many generations of people now who have been taught there are no repercussions for their actions. Therefore, no one has to take any responsibility for anything.

I have to remind myself, that as the theory goes, we have a Constitution, which grants us many rights. It started out as a check and balance to a government, that the framers just knew was going to get out of control. It did, and now we have a real mess on our hands.

As much as I hate the actions of some - say one of my favorites - flag burners - I have to defend thir right to do this, as freedom of expression/speech. It makes me hate their very lives, and it makes me wish death and destruction upon them and their families. Yet, I stand and take it. The flag that I saluted in the military, is the said same one I have to watch burn. Checks and balances.

So, when someone comes along, too stupid for words, it puts one in one of those delimma's. Started out with a flurry of e-mail messages (nothing like forwarding the juicy ones to each other) on Facebook: Attack/get this guy. I did not open them up because I always have a in-box full of them every day. As I started reading the news scroll, it made me go back to the mail.

Some one. I'll just let it go at that. Had named their Mafia Wars player 'Niggah Hater'. And it stirred up a hailstorm of Political Correctness indignancy. I truely believe it started a feeding frenzy. or it started one of those impression stampeded: if I do not show my indignity, then someone may think I support this. No matter. It caused the message to be sent out dozens of times.

Hmm...are these said, same folks mortified at the rap music I can listen to, 24/7 on XM, where the other spelling of that word (along with [laughing] 'nappy headed' et al) are every 4th or 5th word in the songs there? Are they in a lather, if they walk the 1/4 mile with me, to the tip of the spear, in the Section 8 housing, where they can, at their leisure be given up close and personal lessons on the proper, and improper use of that word?


I got better things to do. I expend my energy these days at drivers on cell phones. Some dolt with a 'niggah hater' Mafia Wars account, is way below my radar. Besides, he's just Forrest Gumping, at this point. Oh, the less informed. The band wagon riders. The fence sitters. The too cool for the room types. Liberals. Will crawl out of the woodwork, to express their indignity at the ignorance of this guy.

Isn't it always the case? The very ones whom one would think would support freedom of speech, are the ones trying to control it via Political Correctness? Is it necessarily smart speech? Nah. But, is it 'freedom of speech? You betcha. So, when the PC Police get their dander up, it is so hard for me to take them seriously anymore. There is a word I use for folks like this. 'Niggah' isn't it. Neither is 'Hater'. But, 'Hypoctite' is.

I doubt there is anyone who can remember the last time I used that word. I have no doubt it has slipped out on occasion at some stupid driver. But I have no need for it. The stupid of this world, are way past that anyway. In some sort of twisted logic, if I called you that, you could almost ignore it. If I call you VI, or stupid, perk up. You have MY attention..

I have no use for that kind of stuff anymore. The ignorant of the world may. But, as the bumper sticker said, We come from two different worlds. Mine uses soap and toothpaste".

Be it stupidity. Ignorance. Or Hypocricy. If calling someone/each other that, is your cup of tea. Have at it. Just be ready for the consequences that may or may not come. Me? I just gotta defend your right to speak that way. If you get your ass kicked, in the meanwhile, thats on your shoulders..

Will the PC Police come after me, if I declare myself a 'Liberal Hater'? Wonder how much sleep I will lose tonight worrying about it...

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