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First of the last

First of the last - Dec 16, 2009

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Well, I survived my first day back at work. Damn. I had been off for over 3 weeks. The hardest thing to do, is to roll over and out of bed, at too damned early in the morning, when the alarm goes off. I did it. It was time to go back, I guess. I can only play vacation bitch and couch potatoe for so long.

As always, the drama queens at work, have things in an uproar. I used to bitch, all of the time, about the kids who were running out of control in the station. I've written about it here many times. Fun is fun. And LORDY knows, I love to laugh. But, there is a time where you need to draw a line in the sand, and stick with it. But, my former bosses, and soon to be former bosses, did not see it that way. Caught up in the moment, they got so snowblinded by the antics in the station, that any voice of reason, was taken as discontent in their eyes.

The end results have been good men. Friends of mine, are, or have been ran out of the place. And the ones that have slithered in behind them, may or may not be.

I eventually just threw up my hands, and tried to ignore the chaos, as well as I could. Some days, they came after me. But most of the time, they fed on their own. When I got transfered to an out station, which someone saw fit to close, I started a planned action of hardly answering the phones - their choice of work, when screwing with people, and concentrated on standing in front of my rookies (and their targets) deflecting their attacks. I told these guys that if they started to get crap, come to me with it. Let it go thru me first. I'd take the heat, and I'd stop it. To everyone's amazement, it worked. And, I helped bring a couple of the brow beaten kids into a place, where they could develop into fine Journeymen Firefighters. Its interesting what a man can do, when they do not have a lap dog nipping at their heels. Like I said, someone smarter than me, closed the station, put all of to the wind, and now, they are on their own. Most left, but a few linger.

So, when I get there yesterday, one of the guys, who, for the most part, helped let this get out of hand, now finds himself, with bigger dogs in the fight, going after him. Its gotten ugly, and has long since been personal. Though I shook my head many times, knowing that if he had just pulled in the reigns, or had drawn that line, little of this would have happened. The end result is I am losing my last Rabbi at work. Now, I find myself in the position of those Rookies that I sheltered. Who is going to look out for me?

Oh well. Retirement is in my near future (a year or so), so unless they drop the entire weight of the useless eaters, upwind, I should be OK. With all of the problems, with money and budgets ect. I think that it will come to this point. Run off the older guys, to cut down costs, and to allow them to keep some of the younger, yet, less capable folks. They get to tell someone that they saved some money, and to artifically congratulate themselves on a job well done. No doubt resulting intheir giving themselves awards and accolades. Yet, it is their problem, of their own making.

Incompetence, is, the hubris of the undeserving. It truely is..

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