Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Mothers Day, a long, long time ago...

One Mothers Day, a long, long time ago...

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Sometimes, you are so dumbfounded by events, that you can't find the words to make sense of it. Happened to me a year or so ago. We Firemen are social creatures. In as much as we are pretty tightnit group, when it comes to group activities. Things such as dinner tend to be pseudo-family affairs. Shared recipes. Experences. Ass busting.

Every so often, we come up looking for new things to try out on ourselves. Our OCD guy came up with the idea that his mom had this killer recipe and he got her on the phone to get it out of her. A minute or two of conversation, the OCD kicked in, and the yelling and cursing started.

I was so taken by this I became speachless. I'd give anything to have the amount of time it would take to tell my mother that I am doing well. Shes been gone for a long time. I lot my gransmother, father and mother in 25 months, and this guy is cursing his mother? Oh, I will not lie and tell anyone that my relationship with my parents was peaches and creame. I will tell you, that as I got older, and past my ETOH problems,that i matured, and grew to appreciate what they were trying to tell me.

Today is Mother's Day. Stuck at work, as usual, it is just another family gathering that I have missed. The XYL is with her mother and family. I am here with my disfunctional one at the station.

I will never know why this happened, but for some reason I grew up thinking that my birthday was on the 12th. Somehow the wrong date got put on my SSN paperwork, as a teen ager, and I never knew it until I had a tax problem some years ago, and had to run thru the towel line of civil servants that I had to see, to get it corrected.

So, in the way back machine, I was born on Mother's Day all those many years ago. Of course, in the reality of things, my mother labored with me, the day before. In all probability, I was probably the best mothers day present that she could ever have had.

So, today as I read thru the endless Mother's Day messages on Facebook, and the smattering of early birthday wishes, it reminds me of back in the day, they were one and the same.

Just a couple of minutes. Thats all it will take.

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