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105 - Aug 5 2010

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Its been a bit since I posted. Been keeping busy with a lot of things. Trying to get retirement issues straightened out. The endless job hunt - which I am not trying hard at, at the moment.

Got a call right after I retired from one of my kids I trained (Trifecta #3) inviting me to come to his station and have dinner. I demured for a bit, so that I could get a ID card. That way I would not have any trouble getting in thru the gate.

M and I went up there and had a decent firehouse meal. Talked of good old times, and bad new ones. The fox is definately running the henhouse now, and if it be known, I got while the getting was good. Its a mess. Kinda like spilled oil on the floor. The mess is spreading, and getting worse and worse, each and every day.

George's wife made me a cake, and its the first time that I can recall getting heartburn from a cake. So says she: her oven went out (they ran out of propane) in the middle of the baking process and she finished it up in a toaster oven. GAWD in heaven, it was awful. But she walked in the door telling me this, so to no ones surprize, it was.

They made me a plaque, commerating my 23 years in the Fire Service. Too bad it is 29 years. I busted George's ass on that, and on another level. He is going to get it remade. [I posted a picture of this plaque in my Fire Department memoroes photo set on facebook].

    Waiting for the women to show up, I started to hand George things to eat. I tsk'd his protest, and he did as he was told. Fed him 3 fiber bars, with a total of 105 per cent of the daily percentage of fiber. It didn't take long after I left, for those to kick in.

Messages from the hapless victims in the station started shortly. What in the hell did you give him? He is killing us here.

Ah, butt for the old days....

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