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Mel Gibson and the "H" Bomb

Mel Gibson and the "H" Bomb - July 14, 2010

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I grew up in the 60's. The tail end of the old era's and the beginnings of the new ones. Where George Wallace still ran the roost. And JFK and LBJ were hated men.
I started out as a flaming liberal. I came into and thru the Summer of Love stuff and fell for it. My dad, being more old school, hated that one of his son's had left the reservation.

As I got older, I withdrew from the liberalism of my youth. Being able to see the destruction it was wrecking on the country, and slipped, ever so slowly into a conservative mindset.

Though I have went the gamit from the young Democrat, to Reagan Republican, my stomach is now turned by the ilk that runs either party now, and I just see myself as uncommitted, or at best a libertarian.

What has not changed much in me is my staunch opposition to hypocricy. of, its now a thing of daily life. I have no voice. Nor do I want one. I am happy in my little piece of the world. I do get aggravated by the ones who cry loud and long about something, say using the word 'nigger'. Yet, their cries are one sided. While dragging some thru the muck and mire of personal attack and destruction, they will sheepishly march past those they have given a pass to.

Though there are millions of examples, lets use my two favorites: Jesse Jackass, and the 'Rev' Al ( ....Reverend? Then I am the frak'n Pope..)

They went after Imus. Michael Richards. Full bore. Guns a blazing. Walking right past the rap musicians who use 'nigger' and 'nappy' on a re-occuring constant basis. Help me out here. if that word is so awful, isn't it awful no matter who says/sings it/uses it in a joke/drunken rant?

Do these jackasses know this isn't Animal Farm? Where all users of a word are equal, just some are more equal than others.

There's a word, that IMHO is far worse than 'nigger'. Its hypocrite. You can't hold people to a language expectation, that you will not hold yourself.

I won't lie. In my younger days, I got plenty of use out of that word. And it has excaped my lips in modern times, on occasion. But, generally speaking, it has no weight to me. I am a satirist, at heart. And if I can shread you with an insult, comment or observation, that comes at you from several directions, or I can just go the easy route and call someone a 'nigger', what do you really think will satisfy me the most?

In the grand scheme of things, I could care, or care less about Mel Gibson's rant. Or Micheal Richards, or even Imus. In the country we live in, they are afforded the right to Free Speech. In theory. On one side, expression of that Free Speech should come with some self-control, and the other, if the speech is Free, then all speech is free. Even if it goes where your goat is parked. In the examples above, its hard to tell if it was errant humor, drugs, alcohol or rage that drove these rants. Whatever the case, until I hear the likes of Jesse Jackass, and 'Rev' Al condemn all uses of that word, instead of a select few, then its of no real concern of mine. And, at best these people are ignorant hypocrites, or worse, fools.

   I can't say it the best. Because it already has been said. By Lenny Bruce. Here is a transcript from the 'Lenny' film. Hopefully, it will do several things in our lifetimes. It'll take that word, and others like it off the table, and secondly, it will put race vampires like Jesse Jackson and 'Rev' Al out of business.

If you can say it better than this, let me know. If you are offended by whats below this, unfollow/defriend me. We're on two different wave lenghts..

From 'Lenny"...

"Are there any niggers here tonight?

Can you turn on the house lights, and could the waiters and waitresses just stop serving for a second?

And turn off the spot.

Now what did he say? ''Are there any niggers here tonight?''

There's one nigger here. l see him back there working.

Let's see. There's two niggers.And between those two niggers sits a kike.

And there's another kike. That's two kikes and three niggers.

And there's a spic, right? Hm?

There's another spic.

Ooh, there's a wop. There's a Polack.

And then, oh, a couple of greaseballs. There's three lace-curtain lrish Micks.

And there's one hip, thick, hunky, funky boogie. boogie, boogie. Mm-mm.

l got three kikes. Do l hear five kikes?

l got five kikes. Do l hear six spics?

Six spics. Do l hear seven niggers?

l got seven niggers. Sold American!

l'll pass with seven niggers, six spics, five Micks, four kikes,
three guineas, and one wop.

You almost punched me out, didn't ya?

l was trying to make a point, that it's the suppression of the word
that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness.

Dig. lf President Kennedy would just go on television and say ''l'd like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet.''

And if he'd just say ''nigger, nigger'' to every nigger he saw,

''Boogie, boogie, boogie, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger,'' till it didn't mean anything any more!

Then you'd never be able to make a black kid cry because somebody called him
a nigger in school."

'nuff said, Mel. More than nuff said, Al. Jesse.

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